Trek for Kids

Trek for Kids is an initiative from the GSK and Save the Children partnership.  In March 2019  forty GSK trekkers, from around the world, will climb Ras Dashen to raise money for Save the Children.


Save the Children in Ethiopia

Save the Children has been working in Ethiopia for decades, providing high quality healthcare and supporting families to ensure that their children have enough nutritious food to eat. It has strengthened early warning systems to prevent food shortages and helped increase vulnerable households' incomes. In health, improved sexual health services for adolescent girls and boys have helped reduce the spread of HIV.

Save the Children has also helped improve education, got more children into schools and opened up employment opportunities. Now these developments are in danger of being swept away by the worst drought in 50 years. Thousands of families are facing a struggle to survive as their harvests fail and livestock die. Many have had to leave their homes and farms behind in search of food. With thousands of young lives at risk, Save the Children teams are on the ground delivering food, water and medical care.

About the partnership

GSK and Save the Children have an innovative partnership that is combining the two organisations’ global expertise, skills and energy to tackle the ambitious goal of helping to save one million children’s lives. Together we are finding new ways to help reduce child mortality.

This year, GSK are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our partnership with Save the Children and the good news that it is continuing for another five years.

So far, the partnership has reached 2.8million children under five. Our interventions include: researching and developing innovative child-friendly medicines, widening vaccination coverage in the hardest-to-reach areas, increasing investment in the training, reach and scope of health workers and helping children affected by disasters or humanitarian crisis.

So far the partnership has supported programme work in 45 countries. As of May 2018, through the partnership: 97,695 children have been fully immunised; 300,755 have been helped during and after emergencies; 187,873 have been treated for malaria, diarrhoea or pneumonia and 20,958 health workers have been trained.

We have two flagship programmes, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya, supporting mothers and their babies. As part of the partnership’s work to help improve newborn survival, we have developed a gel, which is a reformulation of chlorhexidine, an antiseptic used in a GSK mouthwash. This gel can be used to prevent umbilical cord infections and help stop newborn babies dying in their first days of life. Over 23,000 newborns in Kenya have so far benefitted from the chlorhexidine gel.